Adding a Device

To begin using Labor Sync, you must register a Mobile Device. Devices are used by employees to update the Labor Sync system with their current activity and location. A printable, graphic version of this guide can be downloaded in English and Spanish.

  1. Run the Labor Sync app on your mobile device.
    You can get the App from Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

  2. Log in to the Labor Sync website.
    Don't have an account? See Creating an Account.

  3. Click on the Devices Tab near the top left of the page.

  4. Click the Add Device button.

  5. Enter the devices Activation Code. This eight digit alphanumeric code is displayed on the device when the Labor Sync app is run for the first time.

  6. Enter the Device's information:

    • Device Name is what is displayed in the Devices list.
    • Device Reference is an optional field for an additional name or number.
    • Automatic Clock Out allows device specific automated clock out of employees. This option must be enabled under account settings. You may read more about Automatic Clock-Out in our knowledge base article.
    • Device Notes provides an optional field for entering any additional information.
    • Automatic Employee PIN configures a device to automatically enter an employee's PIN when Labor Sync is run.
    • PIN Lock limits a device to be used by only one employee. When this setting is enabled, the only employee who can use the Labor Sync software on this device is the employee selected for Automatic Employee PIN.
    • PING will track the device continuously throughout the day while an employee is clocked in on that device.
    • You can skip recording a location when performing entries on the device.
  7. Click Activate Device.

  8. On your device, tap Activate and begin using Labor Sync!

Next Step: Adding an Employee

Last updated on 3rd Nov 2016